What can you do with the PackshotCreator R3?

The new R3 LT is the most versatile automated photo studio on the market, with its 4 detachable panels in anodized aluminum. 

Lesson #1 : « Play transparency »

How to enhance your products, even the most transparent ones?

How to capture the quality of your products, even the most difficult to photograph ?

how to photography transparency with packshot creator

In photography, transparency is usually hard to render. The best result you can get when photographing transparent products is when showing the item without reflections or shadows while keeping the material texture and details.

Discover PackshotCreator R3 photo studio from Packshot Creator on Vimeo.

To shoot transparent products, you have to skillfully manage the light. Indeed, if the light is just in front of your product, it will ruin the texture of the product by introducing a flat-looking direct, harsh light that will have a negative effect on your shadows.

The backlight can solve this problem. The more you can adjust the intensity of light, the better your product’s details will be well rendered. The advantage of PackshotCreator R3 is that you can adjust the light on both the back and on the sides of your item, from 6 independent light sources that can precisely adjust the intensity of the 4000 LEDs.

Pure white background photographs and animations

Untill now, you used to use dark color backgrounds to collect the details of transparent products. It was unthinkable before PackshotCreator R3 to create animations of products on a pure white background. Controlling the lighting on all sides of the product as well as under the product allows you to create 360° animations of all your items, even the most constraining to shoot.

In short, you can shoot your items yourself and get a shadow and reflection free result, in just a few clicks!


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