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Use your photo studio to create virtual reality

 64% of the customers don’t want to buy online because they can’t touch, see and try the product (survey from IFOP Generix Group), it’s a massive percentage! So, the presentation of your products on your website have to be attractive.

Why should you have 3D products on your website?

 If you offer the possibility to your customers to have a multiple view of the product, they may want more to buy it. Why? Because the fact that they can play with it, turn it, open it, it’s like they have it between their hands, you help them to visualize the product like in real life.

 Ikea is a great example, in order to be more close of their customers, the brand created a reality virtual application which allows people to test with a smartphone if this dinner table or bed will be fit into their homes. Genius idea!


VR has inserted itself into every industry, from production workshops to videogame, eyewear and now in E-commerce.

 How master this technique to your business?

 Packshot Creator invented three differents studios to help you created 360° animations, three hemispheric dimensional views, virtual reality of your products:

    • Simultaneous multi-angle shooting: no more product handling!
    • An unbeatable time saver: up to 1,800 photos in just few clicks!
    • A system adapted for large objects: furniture, sports equipment…
  • MaestroBot Start
    • The modeling system that boosts the performance of your photo studio
    • Simplified creation of photorealistic 3D models of your products
    • From multi-angle view to augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)
  • MaestroBot 3D
    • The only all-in-one, entirely robotic studio
    • Very easy to use: controlled by ultra-intuitive software
    • No handling required: 100% system driven

Increase your sales with one of these equipments! Create incredible visuals and atmospheres, give reliefs to your products and make them alive!


Posted by Lamartine Hervé
on May 09, 2017


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