Showing the quality & the durability of your clothing through HD visuals

From newborn child to older people, clothing is worn by everyone. There exist several types of clothing across the world; some are winter wears,...

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Diamond photography is a real challenge

Jewelry photos are quite problematic. Even without models wearing them, there are a number of issues to address. Whether they are pearls,...

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Empowering your staffs with the creative PackshotCreator

Is your company in constant needs of visuals? Do you have to solicit external resources for the creation of photos and animations every time? The...

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The PackshotCreator concept

The PackshotCreator consists of an impressive range of products dedicated to professional photography. A unique concept on the market, this...

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What is the concept of PackshotCreator?

PackshotCreator offers computer-controlled equipment to automate product shooting.

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