PackshotCreator for all your product photos

PackshotCreator is the first line of digital photo and animation studio entirely dedicated to your products.

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How to optimize the budgetary management of your automated studio

In order to effectively control the costs tied to your project of product-photography internalization, you can begin by creating two budgets:...

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7 keys to presenting your product factsheets

 How should you present your product to have an optimal transformation rate? 

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E-commerce: 6 good practices to boost your conversion rate

It's a tall order: persuading your prospects to purchase a product without having previously handled it. We need to touch and see in order to...

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15 February 2017 / / 360º, photo, conversion rate, news

5 questions before investing in an in-house photo studio

Are you not satisfied with the quality of your product photos? You need to fulfill Marketing's qualitative needs without weighing down the... Read article
15 February 2017 / / 360º, photo, news

Can one take good product photos without good material?

It’s not entirely sure that the material makes the photographer, but it certainly least in part!

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16 February 2017 / / E-Marketing, packshot, news

Thank you for visiting us at the E-Marketing Paris Fair 2015

The whole PackshotCreator team thanks you for coming to meet us at E-Marketing Paris fair to discover the latest innovations for product...

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Meet Foto Creator soon and discover the PackshotCreator solutions!

  Our partner FOTO CREATOR 360° will be exhibiting on 2 main fairs in Germany in February. Meet the complete team at these occasions and...
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What is the concept of PackshotCreator?

PackshotCreator offers computer-controlled equipment to automate product shooting.

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