Shoes: the unmissable e-business sector, boosted with PackshotCreator

The online shoe market in France was around 9.2 billion € in 2014. With an increase of more than 5% since 2010, it is considered as a booming...

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15 February 2017 / / 360 view, e-shop, industry, 3D

Home decoration: more visibility with PackshotCreator

There has always been a special interest for home decoration and interior furniture: home is at the same time a safe and relaxing place but also a...

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16 February 2017 / / 360, industry, MohrModels

PackshotCreator & Mohr Models : showroom opening in Berlin

Packshotcreator, with its partner MohrModels , a german brand which provides models for the fashion industry, advertising or e-shop websites, has...

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4 May 2017 / / 360, industry, 3D, news

How to take good photos of bottles?

Creating photos of bottles is quite tricky, mostly because of their reflective surfaces. Flashes from digital cameras will tend to spoil the...

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Selling sportswear? Make your visual creation easier!

Sport is an organized and skilful physical activity which requires specific equipments for each discipline. You sell sports accessories online?...

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E-commerce: bring the best out of your bottles through HD photos

Bottles form part of our daily life. Everyday, we are faced with dozens of bottles for various usages. There are bottles of water, bottles of...

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Office accessories showcased in the most appealing way

Professional photos of office accessories can now be produced very easily by anyone within your company using the very intuitive PackshotCreator...

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Showing the quality & the durability of your clothing through HD visuals

From newborn child to older people, clothing is worn by everyone. There exist several types of clothing across the world; some are winter wears,...

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What is the concept of PackshotCreator?

PackshotCreator offers computer-controlled equipment to automate product shooting.

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