PackshotCreator for all your product photos

PackshotCreator is the first line of digital photo and animation studio entirely dedicated to your products.

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What can you do with the PackshotCreator R3?

The new R3 LT is the most versatile automated photo studio on the market, with its 4 detachable panels in anodized aluminum. 

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15 February 2017 / / 360 view, e-shop, industry, 3D

Home decoration: more visibility with PackshotCreator

There has always been a special interest for home decoration and interior furniture: home is at the same time a safe and relaxing place but also a...

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Meet Foto Creator soon and discover the PackshotCreator solutions!

  Our partner FOTO CREATOR 360° will be exhibiting on 2 main fairs in Germany in February. Meet the complete team at these occasions and...
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14 February 2017 / / 360 view, 3D, 360º animation

The mechanism of 360 & 3D animation

The digital PackshotCreator photo studios: an innovative concept in the photographic field, helps user to create in-house high quality visuals...

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Thanks to digital imaging Your store is now open 24H/7

Keep your store open 24H/7 thanks to online digital imaging. By placing your products photos online, your store is visible to millions at anytime,...

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Empowering your staffs with the creative PackshotCreator

Is your company in constant needs of visuals? Do you have to solicit external resources for the creation of photos and animations every time? The...

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What is the concept of PackshotCreator?

PackshotCreator offers computer-controlled equipment to automate product shooting.

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