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PackshotCreator software: new 2013 version

The new software release focuses on rapidity and profitability: automatic generation of visuals on transparent background, higher speed of animation processing and creation, greater simplicity and ergonomics…

The new software release focuses on rapidity and We have recently shown in our new white paper* to what extent product photos are the best allies of e-traders. There is no more need to prove the positive impact of images on Internet users’ behavior and on the turnover of a website. However, the complexity and the cost of visual creation can harm, unsurprisingly, the performance of the same website.

Each new version of a software is an important event for users. After the shifting to HTML5 in 2011 and the launch of more than 20 new major features in 2012 (multi-camera mode, PackshotOneClick, hotspots, profile library, Highlight function...), the 2013 version is designed to make you gain even more time and money.



PackshotCreator 2013 presents its innovations devoted more than ever to simplicity and profitability.

“User friendly” as usual yet more efficient than ever before, the new software offers a total control over the images to meet all your needs in just a few clicks. Let’s see some examples:

  • 1 click to remove instantly the background or to change its color.
  • 1 other click to create simultaneously up to 10 different files among hundreds of possible combinations of style and formats.
  • In less than a second, shift from the “wizard” mode which accompanies and controls your visual creation to the “expert” mode which offers you the total control over the 125 advanced setting and creation functions.


Several clicks to create a “universal” visual

Let’s take a closer look at the surely most spectaculars novelty of this new version:  the automatic removal of photo background. What exactly could this be used for? Look at the illustration below and I think you will quickly understand.  The orange has been photographed only once. And in a few clicks it can be inserted on any background color or decor (1), on a pure white shadow-free background (2), with a “reflection” effect (3) or with a beautiful drop shadow (4). The PackshotCreator studio sheds light on the product, the software controls the settings and triggers the camera to automatically create the visuals of your choice.

PackshotCreator software photos features

No matter what the color or the product is, the software recognizes precisely (to the pixel) the object, its edges and the background. And thanks to its powerful calculation capacity, it will only take a few seconds to create an image on transparent background. The format of the resulting image, a transparent PNG file, multiplies the possible uses:


  • Instantly change of the background color.
  • Add in a few clicks shadow or reflection around the object.
  • Overlay the object on another image.
  • Insert the product into a photomontage without any retouching.

These possibilities will certainly help to save a large amount of time, not only for the users of the software, but also for his company in an overall perspective. Because the use of the visuals becomes somehow “universal” and since the step of manual photo masking is skipped, the constraints of time and money are also removed.


 To know more about this new solution, come and visit our website PackshotCreator.

Posted by Lamartine Hervé
on November 23, 2012



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