How to optimize the budgetary management of your automated studio

In order to effectively control the costs tied to your project of product-photography internalization, you can begin by creating two budgets: a budget for the project launch and a budget for the ongoing expenses.

In two chapters, you will have mastered all the expenses and costs of your project.

Before beginning:
In order to implement these good management rules, here are a few tips to put into place before even starting your project :

  • Create the spreadsheets for required monitoring, which should be updated at each photo shoot,
  • Track the number of products photographed, as well as the images produced each week,

Calculate the average cost per product and per image.



In conclusion

Of course, these processes and their associated expenses vary according to the size of your business and the quantities to be produced.
The solutions PackshotCreator accompaniment, support, services, and training also enable you to master these best practices.

In the meantime, download our valuable advice in the white paper "E-Commerce photography: the golden rules of profitability".


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Posted by Lamartine Hervé
on November 30, 2016

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