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Webinar: Increase your conversion rate with product visuals in 360°

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on Apr 8, 2016 11:46:11 AM


Expert advice: During this webinar we will explain in which way PackshotCreator’s 360° solutions will help you increase your conversion rate and contribute to increased results.

Do you use product visuals to showcase your products ? 360° animations are an asset and will permit you to distinguish yourselves from your competitors, as well as increasing your conversion rate significantly.

For German speakers: watch the PackshotCreator webinar

Speakers : Moira Russell (PackshotCreator), partnership with Jörg Schäffer (Coremedia)


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Meet PackshotCreator at The Munich Show

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on Oct 29, 2015 5:20:00 PM

We are very excited to participate to the Munich Show – Mineral World, Europe’s largest trade fair for the stone industry.

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Thanks for visiting!

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on Sep 30, 2015 1:34:04 PM

Many of you came to visit us and discover our automated photo studios during our events. More than 600 demonstrations - and as many great meetings :-) - were done at our events.

All our photo studios allow you to maximize your efficiency and productivity. Result: time and money saving compared to other options to achieve your shootings.

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Meet Teddy and the PackshotCreator team during our various fairs

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on Sep 4, 2015 5:37:32 PM

Teddy and all the PackshotCreator team worked hard this summer to get ready for our events and be next to you to show you all our latest innovations.

Meet our experts on those fairs:

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Pallas Cuir and PackshotCreator

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on May 12, 2015 5:47:37 PM

Created in 1988, “PALLAS CUIR” is a store specialized in leather clothing, motorcycle clothing, leather goods and footwear. The brand quickly became a regional reference in its domain.


In 2007, "PALLAS CUIR" opens its online store www.pallascuir.com to bring a national dimension to its development and diversify its range.

A few years later, the company invests in a PackshotCreator photo studio to create high quality pictures products to be quickly put on their website.

"PALLAS CUIR" used to create all its visual internally without any professional solution, which required photo retouching. Time spent on shooting and post-production were too much with an unsatisfactory result.

"Opting for an automated photo shooting solution became essential," says Mr. Diaz, Business Director, who discovered PackshotCreator at the Who's Next fashion fair in Paris.

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Thank you for visiting our booth at the E-Marketing Paris Fair 2015

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on Apr 29, 2015 1:08:02 PM

The whole PackshotCreator team thanks you for coming to meet us at E-Marketing Paris fair to discover the latest innovations for product photography.

At this annual professional meeting in Digital Marketing, visitors have discovered the PackshotCreator photo studios on different occasions:

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Premium Watch & PackshotCreator : Enhanced products shooting with the PackshotMacro R

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on Feb 18, 2015 1:22:31 PM

Expert in timepieces, Premium Watch is offering exceptional watches sought after by not only connoisseurs but also watch lovers looking for History and authentic pieces. Rolex, Jaeger Le Coultre, Patek Philippe… emblematic brands which need the utmost care through the creation until the sale. That is the reason why Mathias Faruch, co-founder of the Premium Watch Company called PackshotCreator to create their product pictures in a limited time with an optimal reactivity and quality for their website; He explains his choice:

With the booming of the timepieces market, Premium Watch decided to create their display site allowing clients to enjoy a first reliable and realistic experience of the products before they come to visit the physical store. These visuals are essential in the selling process.


“We needed a solution capable of shooting our products quickly and simply, showing all the details of any watch: the watch dial, bracelet, and the back. With the PackshotMacro R, the render is so pleasing: no reflection and a perfectly adjusted light. Complicated products are now so easy to shoot!”


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Shoes: the unmissable e-business sector, boosted with PackshotCreator

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on Feb 2, 2015 2:00:50 PM

The online shoe market in France was around 9.2 billion € in 2014. With an increase of more than 5% since 2010, it is considered as a booming sector that is counting today several pure-players (such as Zalando or Zappos) as well as physical shops launching their own e-shop.

Online sales represents 11% of the shoe market in value; French people are in fact the biggest buyers in Europe just behind the USA: about 5.7 pairs are bought per year, representing a customer portfolio of about 330€ per households every year.

Customer’s fears concerning the size, comfort and aspect of the shoes are less and less an issue today. Online retailers have found more and more arguments and services that really bring advantages compared to an experience in store: detailed images, 360° and 3D views, and even interactive interfaces to select sizes (like Univers Running’s Shoefitr tool), fast delivery and free return policy for some websites, etc. All of this in order to facilitate the buying process.

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Home decoration, a fast-moving sector: PackshotCreator helps companies get more online visibility.

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on Jan 15, 2015 6:40:10 PM

There has always been a special interest for home decoration and interior furniture: home is at the same time a safe and relaxing place but also a new meeting spot with friends.

Therefore it is evident that the decorating and furniture sector is one of the most dynamic market in the e-commerce: it is the first sector on the basis of the numbers of website with a 30% increase of the turnover per year. People are now buying tables, chairs and other furniture directly on specialized websites: the shipping is often free and easier to cope with than in a physical store where transportation is complicated and expensive.

It is then essential for those companies to display the best product visuals in order to catch the eye of a potential client and therefore increase their sales.

This is why PackshotCreator has reunited all its know-how in 4 different solutions dedicated to decorating and interior furniture, whether you are willing to shoot from a vase or a candlestick to an armchair or sofa. HD still shots, automatic masking, 360° or 3D animations can be automatically generated with the PackshotCreator solutions.


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The unmissable PackshotCreator events of 2015

Posted by Lamartine Hervé on Jan 7, 2015 6:56:42 PM

Webwrinkel Vakdagen – January 21st & 22nd, 2015, Utrecht, Netherlands

Meet our partner, Minifotostudio in Utrecht on the ultimate fair dedicated to e-commerce in the Netherlands. More than 10 500 visitors and 250 companies are to be here for the 2015 edition.


Maison & Objet – January 23rd to 27th, 2015, Paris, France

Come and discover the PackshotCreator solutions dedicated to furniture and interior decoration. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free invitation.

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